Friday, January 13, 2012

Aisy Laiqah : First Birthday


This entry is all about my lil princess, Aisy Laiqah's first birthday. She is 1 years old last June 2011... haahahahaha... yeah I know, its a bit late to post, but due to my internet connection issue, and I'm a bit busy , but they say "better late than never!" (what a lame excuse) (T_T) ..

Back to the entry, we didn't plan anything big for her 1st birthday cos she is super shy like his dad.. hahaha.. yeah, she is super shy, even to her grandma.. so ,  me and my wife thought to keep it plain and simple, just the three of us , and a cupcake with a candle. We really wanted to throw a birthday bash.. but we don't want her to cry .. cry and cry if she saw unfamiliar faces wishing and celebrating for her birthday. It would be a disaster. =) Maybe on her 2nd birthday, we could throw a big party for her, hopefully =)

Last picture , Laiqah's grandma , bake a cake and 3 cupcakes for her, but I ate 'em all .. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH yummy~ 

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