Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HLG first light graffiti gathering @ Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur

HLG first light graffiti gathering @ Kuala Lumpur.
30th April 2011
9:00pm (night)
@ Dataran Merdeka (kumpul tengah2 padang)

-Basic Photography talk by Macha Farizal
-Light Graffiti/Tagging talk by Apai Biszign
-Abstract Light Painting talk by Firdaus Herrow
-Star Trail talk by Yuzairi Yusof

- HLG Light Graffiti Trick and Tips Sharing
- How to set your camera for Light Graffiti
- HLG style Light Graffiti Demo

have DSLR
don't have DSLR
only have compact camera
only have film camera
only have lomo camera
only have handphone camera
ALL are invited!!
just bring along your smiley faces =)


Feel free to tag, or copy/download this flyers and share it at your wall or album =) thnx for spreading the words.. c ya there beautiful people!

Share contact biszign flickr biszign


Anonymous said...

nice one :D
love to join this

feEzy said...

LBG Crew pon Join Gath nih :D hehe