Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Light Graffiti Malaysia : Altimet VS HLG for KOTARAYAKU

Assalamualaikum guys,
How are you guys holding up?
Did you guys remember my HLG intro video? After publishing it at Facebook, Altimet (popular with songs like Chantek, Syukur) approached me and wanted to do a collaboration with HLG to make a session using a theme by his latest number "KOTARAYAKU". I'm shocked and honored by his approach. So I rang up my homebois and decided to make a memorable session.

The plan is to light tag at 2 different locations, a dark industrial area and in the heart of KL. But time constraint and Altimet is quite busy at that time, we stick only at the dark location. Even though the pictures look like we shoot it at dusk, but believe me when I say, we did the session at 12 midnight. haha

I would like to thank Altimet for the opportunity and honor to have a superb session with him. Believe me, he is funny and sporting. and thanks to all of my friends whom helped me that night  , Jasrizal fo Warnamata Photography (thanks for the superb ideas and light setup) , Yuzairi Yusof one of HLG crew (thanks for the ideas man) , Razif Rubaai (thanks for the BTS photos) , Fazil (thanks for everything)  and Amy (thanks for everything).

More pictures coming up! and BTS (behind the screen) pictures and videos .. InsyAllah there will be another session in the heart of KL =)

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