Friday, September 17, 2010

Taggin with light : Practice 3 - Landscape + Light Tag / Graffiti

Salam guys,
Yesterday, I went to Tengkera / Limbungan beach to catch sunrise and wanted to try slow shutter landscape photography.. but unfortunately, it was very cloudy, the sky is like a big white canvas, I'm with Pak Sam, and Uthman intially..

after it gets dark.. the ship parked nearby lit up the lights and giving us a very nice scenery and "tak lambat" I ran to my car to get my light sabre.. and the result is..

Thanx to Jas for the ideas and pressing the Bulb remote for me.. Thanx to Milo and his friend too for stopping by =)

I love the above shot.. with blue sky, with spiking lights, and my almost perfect TAG

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