Thursday, July 29, 2010

Melaka Day's Out : Photography Outing

Salam guys..

How are you guys holding up?
If you are interested in joining a photography outing organized by me , Macha Farizal from MS Photography & Jasrizal from WarnaMata Photography  .. please make sure you are free on the 23rd October. it doesn't matter if you do not own a DSLR camera.. any camera will do, SLR film / Lomo / Polaroid / Compact PnS / Camera Phone or you just can bring along your eye and heart =)

click image for larger view

Details will be updated frequently =) .. Please don't be influenced by the poster, it is only for promotion... the outing got nothing to do with Dart Vader, Storm Trooper or Luke .. hahahahah.. I'm just using my imagination =) .. Do add me at Facebook by clicking here .. the update will be much faster =)

Thanks guys.. be on the safe side aight!

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