Monday, May 10, 2010

Define * Malam Bersama Search Feat. Meet Uncle Hussin & Hujan

Salam guys,
Last Saturday nite, after a tiring day of work, I went to a showcase of Dunhill + Digi + Tom Stickers. I don't really know what is the product but they call it Define. My friend got a ticket for two and asked me for a date after 12 years of separation. hahah nooo .. don't go there ! hahahah we were schoolmates back then. Thanx Kasirul for the treat, I owe you one.. and it was a blast. At the concert I met also my good friend Wawan. He is rock freak eventho he used to be on of my hiphop group hahaha.. Actually we transformed him to be hiphop hahahahah.

I used 50mm f1.8 lens. Actually, I planned to be on the front row to frame the best moment. but before the concert started, a gentlemen approached me and prohibit me to use my DSLR cam to snap anything unless I use a compact point n shoot camera. I felt a bit disappointed. But when its start to get dark, I pull back my D90 out and start snapping.. haha .. sorry bro, it's the photographer in me and I can't help it. when you see lights and smoke, and the atmosphere is getting wild.. you just know you have to risk anything to capture it.. =)

so guys have a nice day.. and I hope you enjoy the pictures .. jya~

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bOwtuck | photography said...

awesome shots.

Biszign said...

tengkiu bro!

Lynn Rahman said...

hey salam
i was there too and i was in the front row tehee tehee.


Biszign said...

hye Lyn.. thnx for dropping by =)
waaaa front row ke? nice laa!

I intend to be at the front row cos I got in qite early.. but a crew member from the DEFINE team prohibits me to take any shots from my SLR camera... and he said that if any security teams sees me with the camera, they will confiscate it. uuurrghh!

so I end up taking shots from the back =) ... not so clear though but it really made my night =)