Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Clicks* What the heck? So fast ah the feris wheel?

Salam guys,

I forgot to put up this Eyes On Malacca image.. I took this picture when Bro Shazli and bowtuck came down to Malacca to shoot one of my friend's wedding.. Mr Koyo and Mrs. Lydia .. I borrowed shazli's Nikkor 10-24mm FX lense and mount it to my D90.. it's not wide enough because of the DX cropping but it's more than enuff for me.

The shot is taken using slow shutter method with small aperture.. noticed the shining stars.. it really made my night.. =)

I toned up the picture with my greenish tone and leveled the color. And there you go.. This picture one of my fav's.. maybe I will print it large on a textured canvas.

As for UPM outing... the entry you are looking for is right below this one =) Cya on the 24th ya!

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