Wednesday, February 3, 2010

click* Long Lost Friend

Salam guys,
Hows your weekends?

ermm... this are some pictures that I took during and after Mr. shazli's workshop held 16 Jan 2010.

The Male model below is my long lost friend. Never thought of meeting him after all this year like this... hahahah .. He is my chilhood friend. Mr. Hidir. Thnx Dir for your naturalness. I heard he is also into photoraphy. I am looking forward to meet him again after this.

And the last bottom picture is Sya. The picture was taken during the workshop at Tasik Machap. =) Thanx Sya. Thanx again To Heroes Photowork for organizing the workshop and hanx to Mr. Shazli, Mr. Azhar and Mr. Hidir for makin the Flash Photography session. =)

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