Wednesday, February 17, 2010

click* Cherating - Kemaman : Holiday!

Salam guys, last CNY, me n Mrs. B went to Cherating for vacation. Actually this is all Mrs. B's idea and funded by her also... its a free trip for me.. uhuhuhuhuh. Thnx Mrs. B for your kindness uhuhhuuh.. =) 

We decided to use old road :

Durian Tunggal - Machap Baru - Gemencheh  - Palong - Keratong - Muadzam - Pekan - Bera - Gambang - Jabor - Cherating. 

A total of 4 Hours of driving approximately 80-90km/h. We are a bit lost at Kuantan because of wrong exiting at LPT (lebuhraya Pantai Timur) , but thanks to the signboards, we manage to pull it off.
We stayed at Suria Cherating Beach Resort, Credits to Jid Trooper of Julis Holiday for the hook up. Its a last minute plan, but thanks to him, we manage to book the resort. 

After arriving, I snooze off for a couple of hours, tired woooh.... in the evening we strolled down the beach and manage to snap a self portrait with I'm helding the Speedlite... hahahahah =)

Below, Mrs. B is a crab hunter... but no crab is killed during this portraiture shoot out.

Sunrise shot without the sun... the was shy, hiding within the clouds

Below, Pantai Kemasik... 20 min from Chukai

Mrs. B took my picture =)

It's nice to run away from everyday routine . I would definitely do it again after this =)

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Anonymous said...

next trip redang ngan kuching lak kn en.bisz...

go travel =)


Biszign said...
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Biszign said...

Masyarakatttt... uhuhuh

insyAllah, tunggu baby besor sket laa yek ihihihihih