Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Clicks* High School Batu Pahat Old Boys Photography Outing

Salam guys, Hows EidulAdha? For me, It was my rest day before working on the next day and the day after that. I covered 2 seperate weddings on Saturday and Sunday. But now I'm not going to tell anything about the weddings, I want to share my experience with my friend experimenting on CLS (Creative Light System).

The participants is Mr. Ajib

Mr. Erwan

Ajib's siblings, his big brother whom also my senior Mr. Ayun and her lil sis Ms. Yasmin. They (models) agreed to help us to pose-pose. If you guys remember, Yasmin is the second photographer whom covered my wedding reception. Well she is a good photographer and a good model too.. Cayalah Min uhuhuh

Initially , the plan is we do the session at the infamous Tasik Y Batu Pahat, but it rained. So we decided to make a detour to Pasar Melayu. Its like a hall which have a roofed pedestarian. Its more like a bazaar. The place is quite old. They still using the wooden door which need assembling and de-assembling.. piece by piece. so its quite authentic. The place is full of texture, but my skill hasnt reach the peak that I can project the texture in to my pictures. *sigh* sorry.

btw, this a first CLS session for all of us. No expert helping us. we have no idea how to do it. The first hour, we spent on getting the exposure and light setup right (not very right I think) , and after that only we gotta grip on how things operate.

We used 4 speedlites. 3 SB600 and 1 SB900. 2 Unit with remote trigger, and another 2 using Nikon CLS system. Too bad my D60 deos'nt have Nikon CLS, so I had to use the remote trigger.

And here are the group photos~ uhuhuhuhuhuh. Enjoy guys. Hope we can do better on the next session.

The Flight sequence. hahahha this one tickles me.

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Fly said...

cool shot bro, teruja den melihatnya :) syabas

pajil said...

hahaha..bes gle pic yg time lompat(yg ko lompat sorg)..starting aku tgk ingt ko tinggi gle..ble aku scroll bwh lg..rupenye ko tgh lompat..nak nagis gak la aku gelak dlm hati...hohoho..

Biszign said...

fly :salam bro, thnx! hehehe sampai teruja tu yang terharu tu...kalau bro join malam tu sure lagi besh =)

pajil : uhuhuhuhuhhu siot laa bley gelak sampai nangis dalam hati... huuhuhhu takpe, nanti aku tron putrajaya, aku nak mintak ko jadik model... care? kite men lampu2 camni lagi jom... uhuhuh