Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clicks* : CLS at Eyes On Malaysia


After a tiring day of covering a reception at bachang, I got a phone call from my my homeboi Ajib and Wan. They wanna meet up somewhere in Malacca for discussions and if time permit to play around with CLS.

But before that , I was hanging with Jas , Jol and Jol's friend. Actually I helped Jas covering the Bachang reception. A simple+exciting+full of suprisess wedding I would say. First of all, the solemnization was attenteded by the Chief Minister of Malacca, Datuk Ali Rustam. Secondly, there were no Pelamin (a decorated stage where the bride and groom will sit and be celebrated). And Third, the berarak with kompang is at a double decker Malacca sight seeing BUS!.. now you tell me if it wasn't a life experience. =) . Congratulations Izah & Rizal. By the way I am older than you kak Izah hehehehe.. saya nampak muda yeay! uhhuhuhuhu, Sorry no pictures for their reception. I forgot to ask for consent for displaying their pictures.

Back to the story, after a few laughs with Jas and the gang, I decided to call it a day after knowing that the guys has already arrived at my house and piked up my lil bro fauzi and head straight to Eyes On Malaysia. Its a windy night, quite soothing. After grubbing and finished our discussions, we try out several light setup just for fun. And yeah Fauzi is our white mice hahahahah... sorry bro, thanks though for the sportingness huhuhuhu.. we try out several settings and play around with them. And yeah, the main thing is we learned something new and we have fun on the process. =) thnx guys for driving all the way from Cheras just to meet up and have some fun. I promise I will make up to you guys.

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burt said...

bro kau mmg suka bereksperimen dgn lampu kan...mmg hebat...nice bro

Biszign said...

hehehehehe, baru2 ni je terjebak ngan cls.. try n error je bro, takde guideline yg betol2.. hheheheh.. bile bley ade sesi ngan ko plak..kalau aku nek KL aku roger2... bley men lampu ramai2