Monday, November 23, 2009

Rally-X : Behind The Scene and Motion Panning Serires

Rally-X 15Nov2009

Salam and a very pleasent day everybody. First of all, pardon my grammar. I have not used English as frequent as my studying years after working with this Japanese company, I have to use Japanese as my second language.

How are u guys doing? Okay, sorry for the delay. Theres been alot going on this few weeks, but I need you guys to sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement) first before I can spill anything here huhuhuhu.. kidding.

Now, the story of Rally-X.

The journey begins on the 14th of Nov. From Malacca, I took off with my wife approximately around 10 o'clock and arrived at SIC (Sepang International Circuit) around 11.30. There we meet up with Pejal (also known as Atan) and bro Jagjit. They were recce'ing (I dont if this word exist or not).

Pejal was my good friend back in the days when we were at UiTM. I was his senior Commander in Uitm's Kesatria Brass Band Unit. I was the percussion leader playing "Side Drum" and he was one the cool "Bag Pipers". You know the one with kepit bag at the ketiak  with 3 pipe with checker strapping an all. And the coolest part is they get to wear the scottish skirt. That is so damn cool!

Back to the story, after kacauing them doing the recce,

bro Jagjit invited me to exprience the thrill of drifting at the gravel tracks with his PAJERO! is that insane or what? he goes sideway with the friggin PAJERO! I dont know la, but he said that Pajero has LSD installed.

After that we lepak2 at the Rally HQ up on the hills where the SIC medical centre is. There we met sis Maggie. Thanx sis for the nice nasi lemak.. yummaay.

There were several contestant came down to register and did the recce themselves. And there was a newcomer driving Subaru Impreza. I heard that he only got the car for 2 weeks only and h already lenjan competing Rally event. I say he is a brave fellow laa.. kudos to you blue subaru.

So while it was raining, me and my wife decided to grub somewhere at nilai, while waiting for Pejal, bro Jagjit and sis Maggie to check in to the hotel. Thanx bro Jagjit for sponsoring me and my wife a room =) . So generous of you guys. Then around 9, my good friend Erwan came down to lend me his precious D90 kit lense.. woohaaaa.. its a ife saver. Thanx bro, I owe you one. Kesin anak ko, ngantuk2 tu ko punggah jugak. Thnx bro, Raya haji kite kluar shooting ye. After that Pejal joined me and we went to the nearest kedai makan+with karaoke open air where all the sumbangers menyumbankan lagu.. damn! we had no choice.. but to bear the irritating noise (bukan lagu ye Bunyi Bising) .. short while after reminiscing our BrassBand memmories .. we saw bro Jagjit walking down alone. he was looking at the rempit's bikes. His action really made his look like "Pegawai JPJ" hahahahaah. sorry bro, tu ayat ATAN hahahah... shortwhile after that Magen and Shazly joined us. And they was talking bout cars.. damn.. I didn't have a clue what they were saying at that time. Pejal looked at my confused face and smiled. He then explained what were they saying and then I was like oooohhh oooohhh (still not understand) hahahahah.after 1/2 and hour or so, Magen, Bro Jagjit and Shazly decided to took off to a funfair near McD Nilai.. hahahahah I don't know wether they really went there or not.. then came Mr. Tony Wong the Forex Trader. We continued to lepak for a bout 1/2hour then we decided to bounce.

The next day after Subuh prayer, I sambung tidoo hahahaha.. a bit tired actually, around 8 me and my wife went out to our regular breakfast place. Hajah Noraini at Taman Semarak where the best begedil I have ever tasted after Kak Ainon place at Sunway Subang. After breakfast, we shoot off to SIC and lucky me, the event is not started. Some contestant were doing their recce. According to Pejal, the course system is new where the rally cars took off  2 cars in one time. 1st car will be using the entrance track and the 2nd car will be using the middle track where eventually they will complete the course on a complete cycle. Its hard to explain here. But if you guys wanna know you guys can come down to SIC this 26th December : Rally-X Tarmac Course. I heard that the Street drifters will also compete in this event because Tarmac is usually held at Tar parking lot. Bring along your family and friends. =)
I met a professional Motorsport Photographer, abg. Shukor. Thanx for all the knowledge , the technique that you have shared with me bang. It really opened my eyes. InsyAllah we will meet again =) .

Below is the "Motion Panning Technique series" all the cars looks fast.. heheheh.. if you want to see cars on sideways position please scroll down to the next post below. Enjoy!!

To Shazly, Kalau nak gambar untuk write up tu, contact la, nanti aku email gambar2 tu ye. =)

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burt said...

mula2 tgk ingat crime scene mana forensic manala kan rupanya rally panning yg baekkk superb

Fly said...

salam sahabat, lama sungguh rasanye x melawat blog bro dek sibuk dengan kerja akhir tahun,,sekarang dah x busy sebab cuti sek dah mula..anyway selamat menyambut aidiladha wat bro sekeluarga

Biszign said...

burt : hahahahah CSI ke... aku tengok balik pun iya laa.. mcm CSI ... haduiyaaii.. bile2 ade lagi nanti aku ajak ko bro.. care? aritu aku usha line je dulu.. tu yang aku tak de ajak member2 lain

Fly : Salam bro, saya pun lame dah tak jengok2 blog member2 yang lain... keje melambak2 kat opis.. nak updat eblog pon manjang tak sempat je... thanx drop by.. Salam Aidiladha brountuk Keluarga bro jugak. =)