Saturday, December 27, 2008

Selamat Tahun Baru : Shin Nen Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu

Salam guys, How are you guys holding up? another few days and it's already a new year for our Hijrah Calendar, a new 1430, =) prepare your "Doa akhir tahun and Doa Awal tahun" . It's the initial preparation for opening "the new book" for our right and left Angel =). Lets pray for redha and happYness for this upcoming 1430. Lets pray for our fellow brothers and sisters in Afghanistan, Palestin, Darfur and all around the world to be protected from the evils of man. Let us prays for His forgiveness and for His Love and for His assistance for us to go through another year. Amin.

Haaaaaaa today saya mamai! I ter-lock my room without having the keys! Deng!! dahhh terpakse pecahkan pintu tu... eeeee tensen akuh! harini buat semua bende asyik tak jaddi je. But nevermind, today I'm going back to BP. Wuhuuuu..

And to all fellow non muslim's, I wanna wish you guys a Happy New year. Let us welcome 2009 and say babai to 2008. I saw great achivement surrounding me, my friends and family.. It's been a good year despite of some national and global problems. Lets hope 2009 will bring us prosperous and success, InsyAllah.

and to my bro , Mr. Epoi, here are some sneak preview with the tshirt design that I promised, I'm still not satisfied yet with the outcome of the initial idea, so you will not get the hold of the design until I'm extremely satisfy with it huhuhuhuhu =) . I hope you can wait laaa huhuhuhu =). Sorry for the slow progress, my daytime work is stressfull and it's killing my inspiration and energy. Sorry for that =)

my fellow Nippon Jin : Shin Nen Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu =) Oyorokonde Kudasai =)

**hijrah itu pengorbanan, hijrah itu perjuangan, hijrah itu persaudaraan, hijrah membentuk perpaduan***


Rubina Yunal said...

salam 1430!

:) mudah-mudahan buku baru lagi cantik, teratur dan bersih hendaknye. Aminn..

bisz`ign said...


nak design buku belah kanan byk2 huhuhuuhhu =)

Dj Epoi said...

Salam Apai & Rakan sumer....

1 ) Cantik kelander Maal hijrah + wording Apai....
2 ) Tq ingatkan Doa tuh.....nak kena refer kat kampung balik hehehhehe
3)Tentang design baju problem beb!!! Gua Paham.....Ambik masa Lu Bro......

bisz`ign said...

Salam bro =)

1) thnx bro

2) huhuhu saya pun bukak TV, tadah tangan & aminkan je =) pastu baru baca yassin

3) thnx bro =) huhuhuhu