Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Salam peeepools =)

Sorry for being obsolete for this 2 weeks, no new design to present to you folks. My back pain is bugging me... very annoying, and series of flu and cough, in short words, I'm not in a very good condition this past 2 weeks. But I'll try to fire up my engine tonight, and see what I can do to elaborate the inspiration that stung me just now =).

I have been watching an old science fiction series called "Stargate SG-1" , It was damn good. I used to watch it when I was in secondary school, one of my favorite series. but TV3 has stop airing the program after several season. I have finished Season 1 and Season 2 now, still downloading via torrent. Total it has 10 season for SG-1 series, another 7/8 season fo "Stargate Atlantis" and they are going to continue the show with "Stargate Universe" ooooowwww yeeaaahh!!

as you can see, one of the main cast is McGyver , you guys remember him? I am so addicted to this show, that in one day i could watch 10 episode without break. This will happen if I'm so in the mood to watch a show, I remember back then when I lost track of Naruto and Bleach, luckily I have Sir Pajil whom also an otaku like me, he provided me the .avi and I start watching the anime from early morning to late night, I ate in front of the monitor, when I wanna to pee, I ran like hell, sometime I tahan the pee until its the episode is finish. hahahahah! I love to eat while watching anime / movies, it makes the food tastier bwahahahahhaha,

Now my bilik is super bersepah because I changed my laptop postion to the floor, so I can baring instead of sitting at the chair,after went back from work, I take shower then booom! I lay down and watch Stargate SG-1 (tak kemas bilik pun!), so I wont hurt my back .. but tonight I need to change the position back cos I'm not productive if i let my lappy to stay down there..

So.. dont worry peeps, I'll be back in action ! This I promise you. Thanx for the support, eventhough I did'nt update anything, I can see the Hit counter is increasing day by day. Thanx for dropping by, love yall for that. Have a nice day, Take care .

Peace Assalamualikum.

congrats to Titit for her wedding, you owe me "Makan Besar haaa!" I smell like chicken until now you know! huhuhuuuhu kidding =) , time aku kawen ko kene basuh ayam plak tau titit!
and a warm welcome for Alex to team Malbari, huhuhuhu cam team malboro plak, huhuhuhu ko dah kene start minum chaya je laa bro, titit tu hantu chaya huhuhuhuhu...

*** otaku is a term in Japanese language for people who love to watch anime, reading manga's , collecting character figures, making plastic model, playing video games, listening to anime's theme, disscussing about anime/manga/video game while socializing. my japanese boss labelled my OTAKKI maybe I'm worst than OTAKU itself and I did all of the above for real! hahahahahah, for more info in otakuNess , please watch GENSHIKEN***

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