Wednesday, December 17, 2008

bisz'ign avatar

Salam folks,

my first project after a long slumber, the avatar for my profile. I'm avoiding to use my real photograph, for what reason? well nothing in particular actually.

ok... how to make this effect,

first, select any photo with your face with some shadow at the face.this will resulting greater depth on the result.
duplicate it for 5-6 layers. then, use threshold effect one the first layer : Image > Adjustment > threshold.
select bigger value at first . for the second layer , select lower value (you can see its getting brighter). keep repeating and select lower value for the next layer until the last one.
then save the file with .psd extension.
After that open it in the Illustrator, keep the layer configuration.

>>>we have to take a detour, I'm going to tell you how to make the lined orange and yellow a new document with 4 X 4 pixel. make 2 X pixel box and fill it with orange,
and make another 2 X 4 pixel box fill it with yellow, then group it, drag it to the swatches window,then click the folder icon on the swatches window on your bottom left at the window, save swatches.after that go back to your previous opened file<<<

Continuing >> Hide all the layer, and only show the first layer with the most black area.
go to Object > Live Trace > Tracing options.
Adjust the settings to your liking, the blur option also can give you nice effect, you should try out the options. then click the result go to Object > Live Trace > expand, and ungroup it, delete unnecessary object. apply color to it, then hide layer, continue with the second layer, show the layer and repeat the process.After finishing all the layer, you have to rearrange the layer order, the smaller area must be on top, while the bigger colored area must be on bottom, arrange it as it gradually increasing. there you have it. Change the colors with your likings, maybe you can refer some website for color scheme, to apply the orange and yellow line ..go to the swatches window folder icon, pick "other library" and open the swatches that you have just saved just now. click the desired object and click the orange and yellow swatch. it will fill the object with the orange and yellow line.

man, I didn't realize I have a given a tutorial! =) try it out, enjoy~

bro epoi, your t shirt design is on the way =)

Hidin like thieves in the night from life Illusions of oasis makin you look twice - Blackstar = Thieves in the night


Dj Epoi said...


Gua malas sangat nk mengodek2 mouse ni untuk semua ni..hehehhe
Apai.....nanti kalau Gua dah hebat buat menda2 ni...takut otai2 SIR PAJIL, SIS NINA, VEE takleh carik makan plak hahahhahahah....

Anyway...bagus IDEA2 ni dapat dikongsikan.....

bisz`ign said...


hahahahah, takpe bro, kalau bro dah hebat, kitorang nanti tercabar dan akan cuba menjadi lagi hebat, jadi sama2 kita menghebatkan diri huhuhuhuhu =)

best kan persaingan sehat, perkongsian idea =)