Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ssup guys, sorry for the long silence,
I have been busy with my work (selalu balik lambat),
my back hurts (dok ngadap pc je ..lari posture tulang )= )
and I've been having headaches, so this week I hadn't done any designs to share.. sorry.
But, I manage to construct B-nie for my only Miss B , =)
actually I have printed out the template last week,
but I felt too tired too assemble it, I don't wanna spoil the finish results
so I postponed it until last Tuesday, while waiting for the machine simulation running (dok nengok monitor je -boring n ngantuk process) I began folding and joining B-nie.

I glued 3 70gsm Indah Kiat A4 paper together,
after kering, i print the template on it..
and guess what, the paper is not that kering yet..
so timbull effect mcm bulu... best gilaaaaaaaa...
huhuhuhu, after that , I used knife tu cut it out and carefully fold it..

click image for larger view

B-nie limited edition

I have 2 things to do after this,
1) Dj Epoi's Tshirt Design.. (dah 40% jalan bro) tgh coret2 lagi =)
2) Buanie's accessories.

Sori Bro Epoi, I'm not in good state this week, I will try next week.
And to Miss B, ari jumaat bisz bawak B-nie ye =) .Thanx

*** God's gift of today, It's called Present - kero-One ***

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Dj Epoi said...

Take your time Bro....

Gua no halnyerlahhhh......