Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a storage freak!

Seee my thumbdrive collections! hahahaha..
the latest one, I bought on Tuesday I think, Kingston 8gb!
the white one is 1gb (I'm giving this one full with portable apps to my bee =) )
the big square one is my late mp3 player,
Creative nomad 4gb
theres something wrong with the earphone port.
I can't fix it since I bought it at Japan... so I used it as a portable 4gb palmdrive (because it is as big as my palm huhuhuuhhu) I bought I-pod shuffle 1gb (yang clip on tu..kecik je) while I'm at Japan for the econd time last year (nengok sekor mamat jepun ni mcm kool je pakai, terus aku hangkut hahahahah)
the green one is only 128mb only, I got it free when I bought the mp3 player.

And my first thumbdrive only sized 64mb, which I bought on 2002,
priced rm110 !! it is the biggest portable storage size device on that time,
betape peritnye mengumpul duit nak membeli thumbdrive ni masa tu dengan
gaji rm400 je sebulan sebagai prep kitchen + A&W mascot!
Now my bro yang pakai thumbdrive tu huhuhuhuhu..

:::believe me laa, 8gb also not enough punyeee:::

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