Friday, November 7, 2008

munstarr* cowmilk (t-shirt design)

Another creative idea from Sir Pajil of munstarr .
Tell us what you guys think... =)

Illustration and concept : Sir Pajil
Color : bisz

:::We will enter the springleap t-shirt competition for December entry, voting will start on the, 1st December, so if you guys love this one, please vote at


rampage said...

nice design, but need a bit wording of humor.

biszign said...

thnx bro for the idea.. =)

Dj Epoi said...

nti kau bleh baut plak design untuk Komunis2 Dj Epoi paintball

biszign said... ganas maut punye... huhuhuhuhu...sampai komunis2 tu pun takut nak pakai...
nak pakai je kene buang ancak

Anonymous said...


Eric from said...

Great news. Springleap now has a picture gallery, so if you have a springleap tshirt, go upload it so the rest of the world can see it.

Here's my fav pic so far:

It's Craig Native, a South African fashion designer celeb.