Wednesday, August 27, 2008

old sketches

Hye guys, sorry for the long silence.. quite busy with things last week. I went back to Batu Pahat for my best friend's wedding last week. Congratulations to Nizwan a.k.a Wawan (my buddies and me call him that) and his wife. While at home, I came across my old sketch book back then when I'm studying at CADDCAM ACADEMY majoring in Industrial Prodcut Design. Oh yeah
it brings back good ol memories. Last night, using my Toshiba keitai denwa (Japanese Handphone) with 1.3mp ONLY!! I began snapping 'em sketches.. Here I have gathered into one piece of collage (my favourite!!). As you can see there are sketches of optimus prime, a car-look-alike vehicle, and some random sketches. So for optimus prime is for my assignment project themed "Brand Influenced Chair". The project target is for elaborating subject matters. As for car-look-alike sketches is for my assignment project themed "Human Powered Vehicle". And there's "bottle" project, and "clock"... and as for others are my initial sketches.. very raw and ugly.. hohohohohohoho.. =)

biszign with afro avatar-
*I have an afro back then, every week I will alternately change to cornrows and dreadlocks..
or I just leave it puffed .. =)


Sabrina Vee Zalani said...

da kawen?

amy emyla said...

maap..can i ask??
caddcam acedemy tu apa eh??
apa je korg bljr???
pastu kuar dpat diploma eh??
pastu leh amek engineering lak x pastu?? or smbg master?
then after korg bljr...kt mane leh keje?? n kire2 gaji korg brape?? ade x engineering utk chemi.. gas n oil kt ctu...

Biszign said...

Helo Amy,
Caddcam academy rasanya dah takde dah, kalau ade pun dekat Kuala Terengganu je, dulu masa saya staid kat sana, ade kat sunway,

Caddcam Academy ni tawarkan course Product designing , which is saya suke, basic fundamentals of Arts, and Industrial design jug adisentuh, pastu ada belajar 3d CAD Modelling yang pada masa tu sgt rare, takde tempat lain kat Malaysia ni ajar, tapi sekarang dah banyak dah.

Kerja macam2 boleh, dari designer hingga ke CAD operator/programmer .. terpulang. =)