Wednesday, August 13, 2008

munstarr projects* (2005 - projects with my friends)

This is a project between me and my friends late 2005.The japanese word in red on top of the monsters is pronounced "ma-nn-su-taa" , initially it is a t-shirt design project.

munstarr project* is me (bisz) , pajil , purr and louie. Unfortunately we cant proceed because of some technical problems, as I being too far from KL , and Louie is at JB , while pajil is now at Serdang, and left purr alone at Sunway PJ. But we are still doing our thing, and hopefully we can do things together in the future.

by the way if you like the t-shirt design, you can contact me thru mail (see my banner at the header) .

below are some of our projects with polytechnic Electrical faculty student, and a company logo. I will upload some of our hand sketches and t-shirt design project for Unitama.

And we had an anthem song you know.. I will upload it later, we compose it together and it is quite fun.. lol

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