Monday, August 18, 2008

clicks* = remote controlled halikoputa'

The japanese pronounce it "rimokon" its remote control for short or "rajikon" radio control, or "ar-shi" (R/C) . While loitering at Berjaya Times Square with my gf last Saturday, we sat on a bench at the 6th floor.. while resting my legs which is killing me on that time (overweight mafaka) , there is a hobby shop near us, and guess what they're demoing thier toys which caught my eye. At first this one malay dude (the staff) is playing a small palm-size r/c helicopter.. it looks like hella fun.. the heli flew in front of him up and down right left.. he made it look like so damn easy on that time.. without second tought, I rushed to the shop and guess what happened =)

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